Workplace Safety

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At Saiprabha Marine Services we observe strict human and environment safety procedures. We are committed to observing the safety of our workers and have designed the work environment for maximizing safety and efficiency. In all our operations environmental protection, industrial hygiene and work safety regulations are duly applied. While handling of hazardous tank containers all safety and technical regulations are observed.

With careful planning and operation and observation of established procedures we minimize, malfunctions and accidents thereby ensuring a safe work environment and good health.

Saiprabha Marime Services complies with all relevant laws, regulations, and other applicable requirements.

Safety of workers

  • Saiprabha has obtained a licence from Pollution Control Board to handle hazardous cargo waste.
  • All workers operate with proper work gear like gloves, aprons, masks, helmets, protective goggles
  • An oxygenmeter is used to check the percentage of oxygen before a worker entrer a tank container
  • A tank container entry permit has to be authorised by the management.
  • Our premises undergo regular inspection to ensure that all safety norms are being meticulously followed
  • A fully equipped medical kit is available at all our premises
  • Doctor is available on call in case of medical emergency

Safety of Environment

  • ETP tank ensures filtration of effluents
  • Effective and safe scrap and waste disposal System
  • Cleaned and dilted effluents are used for plantation and grounding work
  • Toxic waste is sent to Mumbai Waste Management for onward recycling