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Saiprabha’s Tank Container Division specializes in cleaning of containers which carry hazardous chemicals. For this purpose the company has invested in a tank container cleaning station where the tanks are cleaned with high pressure water faucets to rid them of toxic waste. The water which contains chemical residue is then taken through an automated effluent treatment plant where the chemicals are separated from the water and passed on to the Waste Management Board for final disbursement. The company has obtained special environmental clearance from the Pollution Control Board to carry out this procedure and is the member of Bombay Waste Management. Saiprabha also undertakes periodic testing, repair and refurbishment of tank containers on behalf of its customers.

 Complete Facilities

  • Facilities for cleaning of hazardous and non-hazardous tank containers
  • Hi-pressure water faucets
  • Tank Container Cleaning station
  • Special vaporization equipment
  • Automated Effluent treatment plant
  • Filtration Tank
  • Three stage process: Primary treatment—Tertiary Treatment—Waste disposal
  • Use of specialised chemicals to eliminate odour and colour completely
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Air-test to ensure safety of workers
  • Periodic testing on contract